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Menziesia is the monthly e-newsletter of the Native Plant Society of BC. In it, you'll find short articles about native plants, native plant habitats, reports of field trips, society news, research news and more.

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If you'd like to contribute an article, a photograph or an illustration, contact Menziesia editor Dawn Hanna at dawnhanna@telus.net.

Prior to 2015, Menziesia was a quarterly print publication. In the near future, we hope to make back issues available in .pdf format.

Spring 2012
  • Spring Wildflower Fling
  • Getting smart with Persicaria amphibia
  • Daphne mezzereum spotted in Okanagan
  • CROWS Point native garden
  • Book review: For the Love of Trees
  • How fungi run the world
  • White spruce thrives in warmer climate
  • Pathfinder (Adenocaulon bicolor)
  • Balsam fir not whale barf
Winter 2012
  • Discover native plants!
  • Spring AGM
  • IPAs: Is it BC's time?
  • Getting to the root of things
  • Botanists drop Latin for English
  • BC's only native oak
  • Why buttercups are so yellow
  • Pathfinder (Adenocaulon bicolor)
  • Medicinal plant genetics
  • New vascular plant species

Fall 2011
  • NPSBC field trip explores Apex Mountain
  • Beware of non-invasive cultivars
  • Musing on the much maligned mistletoe
  • New GOERT publication provides advice and expertise
  • Playing the botanical name game
  • Western hemlock: common and beautiful
  • A raspberry by any other name
  • Out of the ordinary: Exquisite Equisetum
  • Do plants perform best with family or with strangers?
  • Conifers experience water stresses in winter
  • Make your own plant book New Zealand style
Summer 2011
  • Spring wildflower fling & AGM a smash success
  • Metchosin Bioblitz
  • Dodder: Friend or foe?
  • Reporting rare plants to the CDC
  • NPSBC field trip to Mount Kobau
  • Conservation of rare mosses in BC
  • Walk on the wild side at UBC
  • Double-flowered salmonberry
Spring 2011
  • Spring wildflower fling & AGM
  • Plants Alive!
  • New NPSBC website
  • Bryophyte workshop a success
  • Bigleaf maple: harbinger of spring
  • Face in the mirror: another look at lichens
  • Stinging nettle
  • Plants protect against pollen hogs
  • Assessment of native plant market
  • Douglas fir towers among conifers
  • Botany BC
  • Trees: the leaved crusaders?
Winter 2011
  • NPSBC looks to a new year after wrapping up a busy 2010
  • Learning about Allium from the ground up
  • Kimberley Nature Park
  • Winter temperatures play role in budburst
  • New plan species await in herbaria
  • Russian olive added to weed list
  • Crazy like a phlox
  • Plant intelligence
Fall 2010
  • NPSBC members help BioBlitz Whistler
  • Rhus glabra (smooth sumac) shines in autumn
  • Field trip reports
  • Mosquin's tips for photo-botanical trips
  • Bye bye maples and milkweeds, hello soapberries and dogbanes
  • BC native species found in official emblems
  • Hugh Daubeny honoured for work with Rubus species
  • Mimulus guttatus (yellow monkeyflower) provides a clue to evolution
  • Review of Trees and Shrubs in Winter and more.
  • Petals present more than just a pretty face
  • Students want to know more about native plant species
Summer 2010
  • Grassland workshop reveals subtleties of Lillooet
  • NPSBC spring wildflower fling in Duncan
  • NPSBC at VanDusen Plant Sale
  • Harewood Plains showcases wide array of wildflowers
  • Native plant species suffer at Swan Lake in Vernon
  • Samples of invasive Alliaria wanted
  • New NPSBC directors join board
  • NPSBC Victoria chapter wins award
  • Using light to illuminate your plant images
  • New alpine flower guide for Vancouver Island
  • Review: Northwest Mountain Wildflowers app
  • DNA barcoding exposes fake ferns
Spring 2010
  • NPSBC shows its seedy side
  • Ground-hugging Arctic raspberry: Rubus arcticus
  • Lotus pinnatus: soon to be Nanaimo's official flower?
  • Researchers try to unravel mystery of yellow-cedar decline
  • Yellow is the colour of spring in the Okanagan
  • Native Plant Appreciation Week declared in Washington
  • The growing effects of climate change, pt. 2
  • Plants are the foundation of life: Bringing Nature Home
  • What's most important in a photo? Impact!
  • Metal-tainted diet harms carnivorous plants
Winter 2010
  • Native seed exchange gets royal attention
  • Canada's first golden paintbrush translocation
  • Make a biodiversity resolution for the New Year
  • Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team developing new restoration compendium
  • Big sagebrush has big advantage
  • Plants rise to winter's challenges
  • The growing effects of climate change
  • Early coastal bloomers defy wet and windy winter
  • Use critical thinking to cut through photographic hype
  • Autumn displays tied to insect herbivores
Archived issues of Menziesia from spring/summer 1997 to Fall 2009 are available on request from the editor.

Current issue: Summer/Fall 2012

  • Camassia in the Kootenays
  • President's note: Get involved!
  • Lycopodium clavatum
  • Trophy Mountain Meadows
  • Black spruce key to jay's survival
  • Wales first to barcode native flora
  • Native plants fight back invasives

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